Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd is your One-Stop Asphalt Provider
Over 30 Years of Experience in the Asphalt and Pavement Industry

We Sell the Best Brands

Pro-Tect Asphalt specializes in Asphalt Maintenance, Equipment, Products, Accessories. We offers the best brands in the industry, including Little Wonder, Billy Goat, Echo, Titan Tools, Graco, Sweepster, Keson, Unique Products, West Torch, Ennis Flynt Paints and American Stencyls.

We’re Also A Manufacturer

Products we manufacture: Seal Coating Machines, 10G Melters, Pour Pots, Crack Cleaning Brooms, Hot Asphalt Carriers, Undercoat Machines, Rubberised Sprayers and Airport De-Icing Machines.

Deal with the Experts

As our knowledge and expertise in pump and spray systems has advanced we now are sought out as experts for customized systems and designs in specialized fields for pump and spray applications.

Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd is a leader in asphalt maintenance solutions. You can feel confident buying the best known brands from us or our own quality manufactured products.

Graco Asphalt Products - Protect Asphalt

Titan Asphalt Products - Protect Asphalt

Echo Asphalt Products - Protect Asphalt

Sweepster Asphalt Products - Protect Asphalt

Little Wonder Asphalt Products - Protect Asphalt

Billygoat Lawn Products - Protect Asphalt