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Frequently Asked Questions About Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

About Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

About Asphalt Pavement Maintenance, sealed driveway, Protect Asphalt Ontario Canada

Q) I am a novice. Is it difficult to learn this?
A) You will be provided with a demonstration of spraying techniques; This will give you the skills and confidence you need to start spraying.

Q) On average, how much coverage can I get with 1 gallon of sealer?
A) One gallon of sealer will cover about 400 sq. ft.

Q) How long does a sealed driveway take to dry?
A) You can walk on the asphalt in 2 hours but it is recommended not to drive on it for 24 hours.

Q) At what temperature can you spray asphalt?
A) It is recommended that it be 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q) How do you price driveways to seal?
A) This will vary but generally it is 18 cents per square foot.

Q) How do you repair cracks?
A) Preparing cracks for repair: Crack filling prior to advanced failure can be the most cost effective preventive maintenance to asphalt pavement. If done properly and timely crack filling can add many years to the functional life of an asphalt pavement. The general intention of any crack preparation is to create a clean dry reservoir area for the crack sealant to adhere to the walls of the crack. Crack should be cleaned out with a wire broom or wire wheel to create an ample reservoir. Next fill crack with either hot or cold pour material. Smooth off excess with squeegee.

Q) What technique would I use for spraying the top of the driveway near the house?
A) Always use a blocker board here. This is called cutting the driveway in, you need to use care. Place the board up to the edge closest to the house and make sure to spray only the length of it. Move board along and spray until you reach the end. This will ensure that sealer does not accidentally get sprayed on the building.

Q) How do you control the amount of sealer you apply?
A) BASICALLY THIS IS DONE THROUGH THE COORDINATED MOVEMENT OF THE SPRAY WAND. You will quickly learn to use different motions to adjust your spray pattern and coverage rate. Height of the spray wand also affects the application. Raising the wand higher creates a lighter spray across a wider area. Lowering the wand has the opposites affect narrowing the pattern and applying a thicker coat. The speed at which you sweep the wand affects the amount of sealer applied as well.
It is important to keep the wand moving at all times. (It is a good idea to clean your tips frequently).

Q) What do you do about oil spots?
A) Most oil spots can be successfully treated with an oil spot primer; the primer creates a barrier between the oil spot and the sealer enabling the sealer to adhere to the asphalt. Clean up oil with an absorbent as best as possible. Pour primer on spot and let dry. Drying time -1 or 2 minutes.

Q) How often should a driveway be sealed?
A) Sealcoating is a way to protect the asphalt. It is a good rule of thumb to sealcoat every 1 to 2 years. This provides a consistently high level of protection
for the asphalt, ensuring that it will last longer.