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PowrLiner 3500

PowrLiner 3500




Titan PowrLiner 3500

Titan PowrLiner 3500 is a gas-powered, sealed hydraulic line striper that offers a lifetime of durability.  Furthermore the PowrLiner 3500 uses the revolutionary PermaStroke Technology™. In addition to the PermaStroke Technology Titan also features the Elite™ lifetime fluid pump warranty on the Powr Liner 3500. As a result the PowrLiner 3500 delivers a perfect line on difficult applications; smooth concrete, field and pavement marking.

The PowrLiner 3500 comes standard with a Titan RX-80 gun, TR1 line striping tip and 50-foot hose. In addition the cart is built with a swing-back design making it easier to move from line to line, and two tip holders for convenience. Due to the large 16-inch pneumatic tires the unit’s portability makes travel over rough surfaces easier.

Titan PowrLiner 3500 PermaStroke Technology™

•Delivers top performance at pressures from 300 to 3300 PSI when using small or large tip sizes.
•No piston or packings, cylinder or clutch.
•Features the Sureflo™ pusher valve that makes priming easy.
•Elite lifetime warranty on fluid pump.

FlatLine Pulsation Dampener™

•Eliminates all pressure fluctuations and dead-band in the system.
•Provides smooth operation and a consistent finish.

Powered by Honda®

•Fuel efficient with all the power and performance of a Honda.
•Exceptionally quiet running engine.
•Smooth performance with lower vibration.
•Low oil alert system prevents engine seizure.

Titan Powr Liner 3500 Specifications:

  • .75
  • 3300 PSI
  • .027″ 1 GUN
  • Honda 120cc, 4.0 Hp
  • 142