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Brass Spray Tips

Brass Spray Tips


Brass Spray Tips

Sold in packages of 5



Brass Spray Tips

These Brass Spray Tips are designed with driveway sealers in mind. The brass tips come in an 80° spray fan width and are manufactured to provide sprayers with an even fluid pressure to the end of the spray wand while delivering the right amount of product onto your job. Since every job is specific, we carry a number of variations of the brass spray tips which makes it easier for you, the consumer to have what you need to get your residential or commercial jobs done. Due to different materials; light emulsion, acrylic based sealers, as well as oil based sealers that tend to be thick in nature, we also have other variations available.

Available in Sizes:

80 ° Fan;

  • .15 gal/min
  • .2 gal/min
  • .3 gal/min
  • .4 gal/min

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 44554455445 x 1 x 1 in