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Albany Gear Pump

Albany Gear Pump


Gear pump

10gpm, 18gpm

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Albany Gear Pump

Available in 10GPM & 18 GPM


Albany Gear Pumps are adaptable to a wide range of services including asphalt maintenance equipment, hydraulic systems, fuel oil supply, as well as the general transfer of any clean liquid. Albany Pump has been manufacturing Gear Pumps since 1906 and continues to strive to give the industry nothing but the best.

These pumps are an extremely efficient type of positive displacement due to, the inherent design advantages of their Helical Gears and internal bearings. Because of these helical gears they produce maximum performance over the widest range of applications. In addition to it’s self priming abilities and close manufacturing tolerances, the helical gears provide users with smooth and quiet operation while the engine is running. Another noteworthy feature is the mechanical seals, manufactured from Buna, Viton, and Teflon and shafts are manufactured with ground and polished steel, offering end users only the best quality the industry has to offer. In conclusion Albany offers a wide range of pumps to take care of industry needs, as a result strives for nothing but the best.

Albany Gear Pump Features:

• Suction lift of up to 20 feet
• Pump housings are of close grain cast iron.
• 3 Section doweled design insures alignment

• Full face thrust bearings available in bronze, carbon, and cast iron.

H Series ( 0-500 PSI )

10H 11.4 US/gpm 500 psi 5 hp
18H 18 US/gpm 500 psi 7.5 hp
35H 37 US/gpm 500 psi 15 hp

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 8 x 10 in