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Acrylic Spray System Pro 410 A

Acrylic Spray System Pro 410 A

Acrylic Spray System Pro 400 A

Spray system for water based sealer, mounted on a trailer.

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Acrylic Spray System Pro 410 A

Pro 400A sealcoating unit comes with all the hardware as the Pro 100A but this sealing unit is mounted in a 4×8 Trailer (Details of the Trailer are Below). The Pro 410A sealcoating unit mounted in the trailer allows for more storage in front and behind the tank as shown in the picture above. Behind the tank by the drop down gate there is enough room to store a walk behind blower or even a 10 Gallon hot pour machine. While in the front you can store blocks of hot pour rubber or even other such supplies as brooms and edging boards. This set up allows all of your supplies to be stored together in one compact rolling business.

The pro 410A’s trailer is also the perfect place to advertise your company name, logo and /or phone number. As with all of our other driveway sealing and commercial asphalt units this is made with the same high quality materials, hoses and fittings that have proven to last for years upon years.

Trailer Details:

– 13″ Ties
– Heavy Duty Frame
– 3000lbs Axel
– A front Jack (not shown in picture)
– Pressure Treated Floor