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Titan Coolflo

Titan Coolflo


Titan Coolflo

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Titan Coolflo

No matter what the sprayer – hydraulic, gear driven, gas-powered or electric – if you want a long service life you will need to care for it. As a result that means changing the oil, lubricating the piston, cleaning the unit. Titan CoolFlo Hydraulic Fluid is formulated to extend the life of your Powrtwin, Powrliner, and Hydra sprayer as a result running cooler temperatures with in your machine.

Futhermore, Titan’s Coolflo Hydraulic Fluid is mandatory in the hydraulic system. Do not use any other hydraulic fluid. Use of any other hydraulic fluid may seriously damage the hydraulic system, and will void the warranty. In conclusion Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd,  has all the products you need to keep your accessories and equipment clean and functioning in top condition.


Manufacture Recommendations;

  • Check the hydraulic fluid daily
  • Never change fluids in the field.
  • Take the unit to a clean dust free environment
  • Fluid change every 12 month, and replace with 5 quarts of Original Manufacturers CoolFlo Hydraulic Fluid


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 9 in