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G3X/G3X100 Chalk Line Reels

G3X/G3X100 Chalk Line Reels


Chalk Line

100ft Chalk Line used for marking straight lines for painting.

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Here at Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd, we sell nothing but the best to help with all your marking needs Keson’s G3X/G3X100 Chalk Line is a very simple tool that performs an essential task: it provides a perfectly straight line that is temporary to almost permanent. Keson’s chalk line reels are great for marking out line parking lots, roofs, concrete sidewalks, landscaping and much more. The material cost to do this essential task is very reasonable. How a string is put together determines how much chalk a line holds and how much chalk a line lays down. Strings of the same diameter and material perform differently based on their structure.


G3X/G3X100 Chalk Line FEATURES

Ergonomic, glovable grip designed to reduce wrist strain
12 ounce capacity
3X rewind for fast line pay out and retrieval
*G3X100 features chalk catcher that reduces waste and keeps chalk from ending up on your clothes



All Keson chalk line reels use a BigMouth® Grommet (except the K1). Two advantages of a grommet: openings are round, just like the openings for chalk bottles, and the grommet is an easy open/easy and securely close system. Slide doors are rectangular, and can accidently slide open. Current Models in Stock are the G3X.




Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 7 x 4 in