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Graco LineLazer V 200HS

Graco LineLazer V 200HS

Graco LineLazer IV 200HS

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Graco LineLazer V 200HS


Graco LineLazer V 200HS is the high performance hydraulic striper you’ll want for your most demanding jobs. Furthermore it’s proven history of innovative features has made it the striper of choice for contractors demanding a true workhorse.

While the LineLazer V 200HS is perfect for large parking lot jobs, it is ultimately ideal for airports, and city jobs that not only require precise line but also demand reflective beads as well. Another noteworthy feature is the versitility of the Materials sprayed. The Graco LineLazer 200HS can spray HI and LOW VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints, as well as all traffic specified paints.

Another great feature to the Graco LineLazer V 200HS Standard is its field proven performance that provides the industries best sharp lines with its unique switchtip Graco design. In addition to its EasyMark Gun Adjustment System, Graco also provides a way to eliminate vibrations creating the perfect line with it’s Advanced Vibration Reduction System. Furthermore Graco has an EZ Align Wheel System which has improved front wheel adjustment which ultimately makes it simple to keep your LineLazer V tracking straight. In conclusion Graco’s most noteworthy feature is their choice in engines, the LineLazer 200HS comes equip with Honda GX Engines making them the striper of preference by proffesional stripers.

Graco LineLazer V 200HS  Standard Features:

Striping Information At-A-Glance
  • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job.
  • Screen tilts for visibility in all conditions.
  • SmartControl provides consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines.
EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
  • Exclusive Design only manufactured by Graco!
  • Simple to use Guide Mark System making a perfect gun aliment every time.

HP Automatic Series Includes All Standard Series Features PLUS:

  • In addition to the Automatic guns, Graco’s push button control provides accurate stripes every time
  • Furthermore the Auto-Layout II cuts layout time in half
    • Exclusive Green Laser Guidance
  • Data Logging with J-Log System
    • On-board job information for proof of completion
  • On-Board Power
    • 12V battery for all your accessory items

HP Reflective Series Includes All HP Automatic Series Features PLUS:

  • EZ Bead Pressurized System
    • Innovative bead tank with unmatched performance
    • Provides perfect bead embedment
    • Air valves to dial in starts and stops
    • Installed and ready to go



Additional information

Weight 277 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 40 x 61 in