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Keson Flagging Tape

Keson Flagging Tape


Flagging Tape

300ft of coloured tape used for blocking treated area

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Flagging Tape

Keson Flagging tape is used for surveying and marking boundaries, treated driveways, interlock, trees and hazardous areas with this high visibility tape. Regular colours available in 300ft and florescent colours available in 150ft. Keson’s Flagging tape makes marking easy with it’s easy to tear formula that requires no adhesive.


  • Ribbon-marker fluorescent flagging tape
  • Photo degradable and environmentally-friendly tape
  • Polar Flagging tape-withstands temperatures of minus 40 degrees

Keson Flagging Tape Availability:

(1-3/16″ WIDE)

FTD12 020034 N/A N/A
FTGL 006823 150 ft. glo-lime
FTGO 006809 150 ft. glo-orange
FTGP 006830 150 ft. glo-pink
FTGR 006816 150 ft. glo-red
FTB 006731 300 ft. blue
FTG 010646 300 ft. green
FTO 006717 300 ft. orange
FTP 010653 300 ft. pink
FTR 006700 300 ft. red
FTW 006748 300 ft. white
FTY 006724 300 ft. yellow

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