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LNX8 No-Groove Eraser™ Deluxe – Gas

LNX8 No-Groove Eraser™ Deluxe – Gas

LNX8 – No Groove Scarifier,

Gas Powered Walk Powered

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LNX8 No-Groove Eraser™

When you must remove without grooves.

LNX8 No-Groove Eraser™ eliminates the grooving pattern or ghost line normally associated with the flail cutter drum-style machines that rely solely on scraping or striking. Thermoplastic, cold-plastic, epoxy or paint coatings are erased by the LNX8 breaking the coating and scraping across it simultaneously, leaving a smoothed beveled edge without grooves or undulations on concrete or asphalt. 

The SMITH LNX8™ Deluxe makes the job easier with more power, sealed drive bearings, ball hitch, adjustable handlebar extensions, cradle engage shock control and 10 styles of removal tools to help users remove faster with better surface finishes.

Why own a SMITH LNX8™?

  • Optional swing-style adjustable anti-vibration handle
  • Optional ergonomic push and pull bar Depth control
  • Cam lever
  • Spring pressure control
  • Bushed spindle for surface compliance
  • Optional ball hitch
  • Dual feather swivel wheel with brake
  • Maintenance-FREE sealed drive and cutter bearings option
  • Twin removable 45 lb. weight ballast (optional add-on plates)
  • Tilt-up chassis for cutter access Cutter pitch spindle leveler
  • Optional Cradle Dampener Optional electric start Optional wet controls
13 HP / 5.5HP Honda Gas (opt. propane)
Best for

up to 8″ wide (24″ with swivel engaged) , 1/4″ depth/pass
Best for

up to 2000 LF/Hr (approx)
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Unit Weight

Unit Weight – lb (kg)
415 lbs (188.2kg)
Unit Dimensions

Unit Dimensions
47″ L x 31″ W x 40″ H