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FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier -World’s #1 Performance compact scarifier

FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier -World’s #1 Performance compact scarifier

FS200 Gas Powered Walk Behind Scarifier

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FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier – Gas

FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier is the world’s #1 portable deluxe scarifier to quickly prep concrete, asphalt and steel substrates. This scarifier, which only weighs 125 lbs (57 kg), is made in the USA by SMITH Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of cutters and removal equipment. The “D stands for Deluxe”  meaning it is fast, light-weight and easy to use, yet rugged to withstand the daily punishment of removal operations. Users can outfit the versatile portable deluxe scarifier with a variety of precision removal tool options to handle any surface preparation project on asphalt, concrete, steel and wood.

FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier is Available in:

  • 5 HP gas
  • 9HP gas
  •  110/220V electric power, with many comfort and performance options to help you remove-it faster, with the best surface finishes.


5.5HP Honda or 6.5HP Robin Gas Engine
Best for

up to 8″ wide, 1/8″ depth/pass
Best for

up to 1100 LF/Hr (approx)
Alternative Products

Alternative Machines
Unit Weight

Unit Weight – lb (kg)
125 lbs (56.6kg)
Unit Dimensions

Unit Dimensions
42″ L x 14″ W x 39″ H


Available Equipment Options

Optional Water Control
Optional Water Tank
Parking Brake – Standard vs. Optional