Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd is your One-Stop Asphalt Provider
Over 30 Years of Experience in the Asphalt and Pavement Industry

About Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd

Pro-Tect Asphalt Ltd

Pro-Tect Asphalt has been in business for over 30 years.

Through our attention to developments in the industry we have grown to be the national leader in asphalt spray systems with international expansion targets.

Pro-Tect Asphalt began with a creative application of asphalt cutback that eventually grew to include a broad range of asphalt maintenance products and equipment to support the trade.

We now offer the asphalt maintenance person opportunities to expand their business with complimentary product lines such as lawn care, snow plow equipment, and golf cart sales.

As our knowledge and expertise in pump and spray systems has advanced we now are sought out as experts for customized systems and designs in specialized fields for pump and spray applications. We have a rock solid reputation for quality, performance and advanced solutions. We take great pride in our customer service and it is second to none.

We’ve got the experience to answer just about any question about asphalt spray systems and asphalt pavement maintenance products – and to offer the best solutions.





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